To The People of the 24th Congressional District of California

From the small-town fishing community of Morro Bay, to the Pierce Brothers Fisheries on Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, to the Boronda and Higuera families of San Luis Obispo, to Harvard University, the central coast of California is more than my home, it is who I am.

As someone who has had successful small business experience as a professional engineer, and as someone who has served the public as an elected official, I bring an extremely unique understanding of how to bring together diverse interests for the greater good of everyone.

I believe we deserve so much better than the politics of the past. This is why I have written for you, “Priorities We Deserve: Reforming a System That Has Turned Its Back On America.” In it, I discuss in detail many of the problems and solutions that can help move our region and country forward.

No longer can simple platitudes and social media one-liners solve our problems. Those are the failed ways of the past.

This is my commitment to you, the United States, and my commitment to a better world for all of us.


Michael Erin Woody

The time is right for the candidacy of Michael Erin Woody for the 24th Congressional District. He is a businessman, not a career politician. He has a deep, common sense understanding of today’s problems with logical solutions. He is even keeled, well spoken, and deeply rooted, but is always eager to hear other points of view. He has my strongest endorsement and I urge everyone, from all parties, to join me in supporting him.
Chris MitchumActor, Former Congressional Candidate - Santa Barbara, California

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Michael Erin Woody to Announce His Candidacy for the 24th Congressional District in Morro Bay Ca

Professional Civil Engineer, Harvard graduate, Salinan Indian, and Morro Bay resident to announce his candidacy for congress. It is time to say “So Long Salud.”

Michael Erin Woody will be announcing his candidacy at a press conference/rally event in Morro Bay, California for the 24th congressional district. During the event, Woody will be also releasing “Priorities We Deserve,” a 44 page booklet that outlines many of the issues that this district and country are facing today. Woody states, “No longer…

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