Michael Erin Woody to Announce His Candidacy for the 24th Congressional District in Morro Bay Ca

Professional Civil Engineer, Harvard graduate, Salinan Indian, and Morro Bay resident to announce his candidacy for congress. It is time to say “So Long Salud.”

September 14, 2017
Michael Erin Woody, Candidate
805-305-0660 cell

Michael Erin Woody will be announcing his candidacy at a press conference/rally event in Morro Bay, California for the 24th congressional district.

During the event, Woody will be also releasing “Priorities We Deserve,” a 44 page booklet that outlines many of the issues that this district and country are facing today. Woody states, “No longer can we afford the simple social media platitudes of the past to solve our problems. Our country deserves much better.”  Find complete event details at here.

“After 25 years of working in politics and no business experience, Congressman Salud Carbajal represents the priorities of the past that must change in government. His continued support of the failing California High Speed Rail, support of giving illegal aliens Social Security Numbers and Drivers Licenses, his vote against Cal Poly Alumni Kate Steinle and Kate’s Law, sanctuary cities, his continued lack of position on single payer health insurance, cap and trade, and higher taxes, make him completely out of step with the central coast. Carbajal and his millions of dollars special interest donations have been a complete disappointment for the central coast.”

Woody also states “As Carbajal has voted with Nancy Pelosi for 98% of his votes, it is clear that Carbajal is nothing more than a proxy vote for Pelosi. After 25 years in politics, it is time we say ‘So Long Salud.’ ”

Woody’s family has a long rich history with the central coast of California. As a certified member of the local Salinan Indian tribe, there is also historic significance to this race: Woody would be the first California Indian to serve in the House of Representatives in American history. “Making history in America is not something that I take lightly. A California native indian has never been elected to the US House of Representatives, and it is time for that to change.”

Michael Erin Woody is the owner of Struct One Engineering & Construction in San Luis Obispo, California, and has been a professional civil engineer in California for 20 years.